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Principal: Mr. Tom Grosinske
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On August 17, the School Board approved the following resolutions: 1) $23.5 Million Referendum Question and 2) Placing the Referendum Question on the November 8 Ballot.  A more detailed referendum update will be provided for staff on August 31. A big thank you to all of the participants and contributors. More information will be presented throughout the District.

If your 4K student needs bussing, please contact Nelson's at 262-473-4955 asap - the form they need can be found on the district website or by calling Nelson's directly.


    Washington Elementary "School of Recognition" Honors from DPI
    Congratulations to the students, staff and families of Washington Elementary. Their hard work and dedication to student learning has resulted in Washington Elementary School earning a "2015-16 Title I School of Recognition" honor from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. Washington is one of 169 public schools in the state selected for this recognition. As a Title I school, Washington serves a significant percentage of economically disadvantaged students. Washington was identified as a "High-Progress School" for performing in the top 10% in reading and math and for closing achievement gaps of these student subgroups. 
    WUSD is proud of Washington's success! 
    A recognition ceremony hosted by DPI for all the recipients will be held at the State Capitol on March 14.  
    In Mr. Nelson's many years at Washington Elementary one thing had eluded him until now ... a win at book fair BINGO!!
    A very excited class cheered him on as Mr. Nelson held up to his promise to do somersaults across the room if he ever won.  The class was presented with a basket of scholastic books for the classroom library for their win, and a feeling that they were a little part of history in the making.  
    W-A-S-H-I-N-G-T-O-N Spelling Bee Winners 
    The Spelling Bee was an intense, fast-paced competition. Congratulations to the winners:
    1st place: Adrian Rios
    2nd place: Jake Kuhlow
    The winning word was "schnitzel".

    Washington's Geography Bee


    Washington 4th and 5th graders participated in the annual geography bee. After multiple rounds, the finalists battled  to determine 1st and 2nd place. Congratulations to 1st place winner, Bridgitte Duvall (5th grade) and 2nd place winner Aidan Judd (5th grade)! Congratulations to all of the participants for displaying good sportsmanship and grace under pressure!