Discover Washington Elementary
Discover Washington Elementary
Every Graduate an Engaged Lifelong Learner

506 East Main Street
Whitewater, Wisconsin 53190

Main Phone: (262)472-8600
Fax (262)472-8610

Principal: Mr. Tom Grosinske
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  • Why Whitewater?

    View our promotional video showcasing the district and the amazing staff, students and community members.  We are proud of our many offerings and educational opportunities that exist for our students. Our students succeed because of the high level of community and staff support.
  • Raptor Visitor Management System

    The Whitewater Unified School District has installed the Rapter Visitor Management System in all our schools!  The Raptor system is a visitor management system that will help us keep our students and staff safe.  The Raptor system requires all visitors to provide a license or other ID card to the office to sign-in.  The Raptor system will check ID's against the national database for sex offenders.  Once this scan is completed, an ID sticker is printed for visitors to wear during their stay in the school.  Visitors are asked to then carry our their visit and then return to the office to sign-out.  Once visitors have scanned their ID card, on future visits they simply need to provide their name to get their printed visitor sticker.  Thank you for helping us to keep our school a safe place to learn!
  • Dashing Through the School

    after school robotics clubThese 5th graders are working with Dash robots. This after school club is based on computer coding.