I grew up in a small community. The thought of going off to college scared me. I ended up at the UW-Whitewater campus, just the right size for me. My amazing experiences at the university helped me secure a teaching position in the school district. My colleagues are my friends, my family lives here and my son attends Whitewater Unified. If I were to be asked, "Why Whitewater?"...it has become my home!

Welcome to our Kindergarten family! I am Mrs. Kuhlow and I love teaching and learning with children at Washington Elementary! I am starting my nineteenth year of teaching Kindergarten in Whitewater! Do you remember being asked when you were younger what you wanted to be when you grew up? I always replied, “I am going to be a Kindergarten teacher”.

Our classroom is designed in hopes of creating a learning community. There are many opportunities throughout the day for children to engage in activities that meet both their personal interests and ability levels. Children are encouraged to talk with peers and work together to accomplish tasks. We strive daily to be responsible for what we say and do!

I am also genuinely thankful to be a part of a great school community! Washington
Elementary has extremely supportive staff, parents and volunteers who are truly dedicated to doing what is best for our children.

Please contact me with any comments, concerns or questions!