Kris Ketterhagen
Why Whitewater?

Before getting a full time job, I was a substitute in many area districts. Whitewater was my favorite place to sub as there was a special passion for teaching and learning going on in each of the buildings. When a job that I was qualified for came up, I jumped at the opportunity. 12 years later, I am still grateful to be teaching in such a wonderful district. I am equally delighted that our three children are attending school in Whitewater. Their learning experiences, as well as the extracurricular arts and athletics areas have been incredibly positive. Thank you Whitewater!

I have been lucky enough to teach third grade for 8 years now. Each year I am amazed at how much enthusiasm the students have! It makes it enjoyable to plan hands-on, engaging lessons for the students.
Washington School is a fantastic place to work. The staff is dedicated to helping the children grow in every possible way. We are a great team!
When I am not teaching, I am shuttling my three daughters to all their events. I really enjoy scrapbooking, watching the Packers and Badgers. and hanging out with our kids.

Third Grade