K-5 Art Education Instructor
Mrs. Hale Washington Outdoor Mural Project

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El mural de la escuela Washington
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Why Whitewater?

I’m fortunate to have had two sets of Scotch-Irish great-grandparents, and a grandfather from England who loved this area, and felt Whitewater was special. A community of farming, education, skilled labor and business attracted them, and they put down their roots. The Kettle Moraine Forest and its surroundings, was also a beautiful bonus for them. I also appreciate these attributes, and the Midwestern values that Whitewater has. Whitewater school district facilities, the city, and university area have grown and changed in many ways, including areas for recreation, athletic events, concerts and other cultural opportunities. The Greenhill Center of the Arts, Crossman Gallery, and the Irvin Young Auditorium are state of the art facilities with so much to offer! I was fortunate to have my ancestors “put down their roots here”, so I could grow up in Whitewater with: the Center of the Arts challenging and feeding my passion for creating art, the UW-W Education Department teaching me the process of teaching art, the Whitewater School District employing me to teach Art Education, the connections it has to other subjects, art skills, and love of the subject, back to my students and my community.

A Little About Me
My name is Mareta Hale, and I started teaching Art students in the WWUSD at Lakeview Elementary, in 1987. I have also taught art students at Whitewater High School, LINCS, and Whitewater summer school. I currently teach art at Washington Elementary School. I have exhibited student artwork in community locations for several years, such as: The Commercial Bank, The Double Dip Deli, Dale's Bootery, The Irvin Young Library, and The Whitewater School District Office. My students have also participated in making art (a chair and a bike) for the Whitewater Arts Alliance's public art exhibit. The pieces were auctioned off for the Alliance fundraiser.
My interests outside of school are creating all kinds of art, biking, skiing, and hiking. I also enjoy learning about our great natural resources in the area including the Kettle Moraine Forest and it's creatures. I use photography to capture the image of an interesting species, and then read books on insects, reptiles, mammals and birds, to learn more. Hopefully, Mr. Hrabrich (my HS Biology teacher) would be proud. I enjoy traveling, and have journeyed to Wales, Scotland and France. I have also made memorable trips to England, were I enjoyed meeting several of my relatives.
I am a member of The Walworth County Arts Council, Delta Kappa Gamma, The Whitewater Historical Society, and the PTA.
A UW-W article about my teaching that I'm proud to share with you, can be found @http://www.uww.edu/cac/advancement/spotlights/hale.html

Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree
K-12 Art Certification
Master of Science in Education

Phone: 262-472-8623
Room #303