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Teachers Matter
Every parent, every student, every one of us knows from experience that teachers matter. Everyone has
a teacher who affirmed them, believed in them, cared about them. Everyone had a teacher who
expected excellence when they weren’t excellent, effort when they were tired, and success when they
failed. Teachers change lives.

Teachers are important to us as individuals, but they are also important to us as a community. Good
schools know that success depends on the collective efforts of all teachers to educate all children. Good
school districts know that teachers do the important work, and success depends on teacher quality.
Good communities know that good schools are a critical part of economic and social development, and
that success depends on teachers. Good communities know that teachers matter. Teachers change

The COVID-19 pandemic has reminded us all that public schools are the heart of Whitewater. Teachers
are the heart of every school. They do the most important work. They build relationships with kids and
their families. They build school communities where teachers, students and families learn together.
Most importantly they teach. Kids, parents, support staff, administrators, School Board members, the
community, and every one of us appreciate our Whitewater teachers. Thank you, teachers!